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End to End
HR Solutions

Comprehensive HR Services

Employees are highly important assets of any organization.

You need productive, talented and well trained employees to help your business thrive.

Based in the United Kingdom with presence in the Middle East, Brightfields gives organizations the tools and resources to keep employees motivated, engaged and productive with custom and comprehensive HR solutions.

Whether you’re building a new business, rebuilding an existing one, or growing, Brightfields will provide you with HR solutions that align with your business needs. 

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Coaching & Mentoring

Backed by experience  & academic research, more organizations are realizing the importance of coaching and mentoring in enhancing the performance of their talent pool and increasing their employees' overall satisfaction and wellbeing.

Brighfields offers the latest and best techniques of individual and corporate Coaching & Mentoring programs that consistently achieve desired results.

Learning & Development

Quality development programs allow individuals to be more satisfied, motivated, and more effective in their jobs. This reflects positively on their organizations as well as their careers.

Brightfields provides robust growth & development services for individuals as well as organizations.


Our services include a wide spectrum of Training & Development courses, workshops, and programs.

Consultancy Services

Brightfields HR Consultancy Services are based on an understanding of the importance of attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent. 


Through a team of highly experienced Human Resources professionals, we help organizations reach this goal.  

Our HR Consultancy Services include Talent Acquisition, Legal Compliance, HR Operations Management, HR Outsourcing, and much more.

Comprehensive HR Service Packages That
Support Your Business Requirements

Talent Acquisition

Coaching & Mentoring

Benefits and Rewards

Training & Development

Employee Onboarding

Leave Management

Legal Compliance

Digital Training Modules

Performance Management

Insurance Management

Policy Design & Management

Smart Data Analytics

We offer our customers a one stop shop for their Human Resources needs. Coming from an understanding that each client has specific requirements, we offer fully customizable and comprehensive solutions that allow clients to pick and combine from our services, benefiting from enhanced financial and operational efficiencies.

How we can help

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