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Coaching at the Workplace

Research from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and The Journal of Positive Psychology shows that 86% of organizations see an ROI on their coaching engagements and that 96% of professionals who had an executive coach said they would repeat the process again. 

The level of satisfaction and impact of Corporate Coaching is irrefutable, with multiple studies finding evidence that coaching is highly effective.

Executive Coaching

At Brightfields we are strong advocates for corporate executive coaching as we witness the impact that it has on clients on a daily basis.

Research has repeatedly found that leaders who receive coaching are viewed as significantly more effective and tend to be more satisfied in their jobs.

Our team of top-notch ICF certified executive coaches has a strong track record of proven success where we have helped executives enhance goal attainment, resilience, workplace well-being and overall corporate performance.

Team Coaching

In addition to executive coaching, we offer a wider range of Team & Group Coaching services. Team Coaching services stemmed from the requirement of our clients for more inclusive companywide team leadership development. 

Through Team and Group Coaching we help organizations to:


  • Develop  senior leaders and middle managers

  • Enhance corporate culture through more effective conversations 

  • Build staff as engaged problem-solvers

  • Create an adaptable culture for transformation and change

We provide corporate coaching that’s focused on the organization’s overall strategy, ultimately helping the business achieve its mission by crafting senior leaders who are able to operate at peak performance.


Coaching vs Mentoring

Sometimes the words “mentoring” and “coaching” are used interchangeably. Although both share the common goals of career learning and development that lead to peak performance; however, the definition, focus, role, approach, and tools of each are different.

Coaching involves listening to a person, identifying what they need, and helping them develop an action plan. The emphasis is on the person or client finding the solution, not instructing or leading them. The coach doesn’t have to be an industry field expert.

Mentoring on another hand involves talking to an experienced industry or management specialist with a specific relevant skillset who shares their knowledge, skills, and experience, to help the mentee to develop and grow and find and implement practical solutions.

The service offering of Brightfields includes both Mentoring as well as Coaching as they are complimentary to each other and enhance the capabilities of employees in different aspects 

Coach Training & Certification

Out of our strong belief in coaching and its impact, we have developed a number of coach certification programs that we offer to corporate as well individual customers. 


Brightfields' coach training programs start with the Certified Positive Leadership Coach (CPLC) program as a base.

Certified Positive Leadership Coach (CPLC)

Coach Certification Program

The CLPC program program allows aspiring coaches to get certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC).


The program enables individuals to start a career path as a coach, and it also attracts people from all walks of life including business leaders, managers, medical professionals, lawyers, education professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and others who desire to transform not only their own results, but also the results of the people around them. 

For more information on the CPLC program, please click here.

Individual Mentoring

Research from the American Psychological Association shows that mentees generally perform better in their work than those without mentors. Numerous other research has been conducted in the field. 


Mentoring helps individuals to:

  • Improve their decision-making

  • Better manage challenging workplace situations

  • Develop a better stakeholder management

  • Improve relations with senior management and the board

  • Receive higher compensation

  • Get promoted faster


At Brightfields we work with an exceptional network of highly experienced business leaders across many industries such as construction, trading, sales, technology, and general business management to provide our clients with a personalized matching process for their mentorship needs.

All of our services can be provided virtually or in-person as per your preferences.


Corporate Mentoring

Corporate mentoring programs are company procedures that connect employees to share their experience, knowledge, and encouragement. 

At Brightfields we offer corporations our services for the design and implementation of highly structured corporate mentoring programs with industry-specific assignments that employees complete together. 

We help organizations use corporate mentoring programs as a strategy for encouraging and growing everyone's skills in the workplace, ensuring proper succession, and building top performers along the way. Our offering includes programs for Peer Mentoring, Leadership Mentoring, Situational Mentoring, Mentoring Circles, and Reverse Mentoring.

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